It is not a lack of company that makes you alone, but it is a lack of those with who you can share your life. It is a lack of those who will listen and to who you can listen to. It is a a product of shame and as such we do not want to admit it. And so we busy ourselves with committees and meetings and works that will hide the gnawing feeling that echoes through the chambers of our heart. The wandering voice that that can never rest, only drowned out by the life with which we fill ourselves. Our hollow souls long for that which will satisfy.

The very nature of alone, is that there is no one to tell, no one to share with, no one to comfort our aching. We even doubt whether the Lord really felt alone. But it is for you and me that he came. In those moments of the garden, the courtyard of the high priest and the final culmination of being raised up to the cross Jesus felt alone. Not a watered down Sunday school alone of nobody talking to you but the deepest kind from which you cannot hide. He was deserted, and abandoned. As our Lord himself said, Forsaken, but somehow that has religious undercurrents and its meaning is lost with over familiarity. I prefer, deserted and abandoned as they say it with force and capture the true essence.

He was deserted, He was abandoned, so you don’t have to be alone. He really felt it. And he felt it more deeply than we could imagine. Like a knife to his heart the coldness of abandonment struck. The one in whom lies all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, the one who breathed stars into space, the one of whom and through whom everything exists was utterly alone and forsaken that we might not be. In that moment He made a way for you and me to be in eternal communion with him. The dividing wall was broken.

So lift up your eyes from your internal darkness and look beyond your walled garden and you will see that there is light, there is hope, there is one who knows how you feel, for he has been there and risen from the grip of death so that you don’t have to remain a prisoner.

Today is a new day, the end of alone.