All is not a vague statement. It doesn’t mean some, or many of most or lots, but all. Everything, it’s entirety, all. So, wherever you go, the treasures of wisdom can only be found in one place. There is no where else to search and find treasures of wisdom and knowledge. But we do go looking in other places, we search high and low and only when have exhausted all possibilities do we try and find our wisdom in him. And then when we come to Him we say ‘why didn’t I come sooner’, for in his light we see light and that light floods our soul and settles our inner core. The wisdom from above brings peace to our hearts in a way that earthly wisdom won’t do. My prayer is that I would start in him, and that he would be the first port of call. The distractions of the enemy make my own ideas and opinions look bright when actually they are dim. He has all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. The issue is one of arrogance and unbelief. Arrogance that I could be wiser than the creator and unbelief to not believe him at his word. If I would bow low, then I could come in a and feast with the all knowing creator, the one who holds all the treasure of wisdom and knowledge.

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