As Peter introduces his letter, he addresses it to those who reside as aliens. In some translations it says strangers. An alien is a foreigner: a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country. And so we owe no allegiance to the nations that we are in for we are part of a heavenly nation, we are part of a city that is from above. In part of the Greek for alien it says we are sojourning in a strange place. That is, we are temporary residents, this is not our home. Yet in our lives we certainly seem to live as those who are pretty comfy, we have become camouflaged without the environment around us. So much so that it is difficult to recognise those who are of the heavenly kingdom and those who are of the earth.

I have had moments, and they do increase, where I have been walking through shopping centres, high streets and large stores and thought that I do not belong. For we do not belong, our citizenship is in heaven. As we think this way we will be transformed, changed, as this truth effects our hearts we will live as aliens, knowing that our standards are from another place. We so often live as friends of the world and our disguises have become our greater reality. What actually needs to happen is that we take off our disguises that keep us camouflaged with the world around us, and put on the clothing of heaven, clothing of light. Maybe this is what the world needs? To see that there is something else.

When avatar was in the cinema, people we’re coming out crying because they wanted to live in another world. They wanted something else. We have that something else. Except what we have is infinitely better, and it is no fairly tale. This is the greater reality. What we have around us will pass away, our citizenship is in a kingdom that will endure forever and we have been made a part of it through the blood of Jesus.