I have been thinking about what happened when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and just from a casual reading you can see that the coming of the Holy Spirit causes a reaction – there are various adjectives describing people when they come into contact with the manifest power of God. The people were perplexed 2:12, amazed, 2:12, cut to the heart 2:37, filed with wonder and amazement 3:10, astonished 3:11. All of the emotions are quite dramatic – and that is what happens when God comes. I remember working with a couple of guys – one who was nonchalant towards the gospel and one was antagonistic, I remember talking with a friend about which of these two was closer to the kingdom and my friend suggested the quieter of the two. I thought, actually, the one who is antagonistic seems like he is closer because of the reaction that was in him to the things of God. The quieter one had a much harder heart. In time the antagonistic one wanted to know more, and more, and eventually gave his life to the Lord. I like it when there is a reaction to the things of God, both good and bad – though I prefer the good reaction. Having some kind of reaciton means that there is something in them that is alive. From this passage in Acts there is a reaction – not just one or two but crowds of people being effected. I long for that when God will effect peoples hearts in such a way that there emotions are effected ( not emotionalism) but that they captured and provoked by the things of God.

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