The wind as it whispers picks up the seed from the offering hands of the reproductively desiring flower. It is so gentle in its carrying of the seed, lifting it up and carrying it sometimes for miles, until it seems that the wind finds a place for that seed to rest and it lays it down in fertile soil. All the DNA necessary to reproduce is contained in that seed, though it is only a seed it has great potential to form the largest of tree or the deadliest of plant.

I find words like seeds, they are formed in our hearts and then caught by the wind of our conversation. We send them into others hearts to achieve the task for which they have been set, sometimes good, and sometimes bad. Each seed has a different degree of potential. This is formed by the heart behind the words. If our hearts are full of evil then our words will contain a degree of darkness such that when they land will reproduce and spoil the ground. We must weed our hearts of those destructive words so that they will not destroy the good crop. If our hearts are full of life then the words we share will have light and life in them, bringing hope and grace (Gods empowering presence) to all around us.

Most gardens I see have a mix of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees. But there is no perfect garden, for within each of our cultivated plots are weeds. Not by by design, but as a consequence of life. A consequence ultimately of the fall. None the less they are there. We need to weed our hearts of the destructive weeds that seek to overrun and dominate the life giving plants.

This can be more easily said than done. Sometimes we don’t recognise the growth of the intruder, or we do and we tolerate it, turn a blind eye and only when the plant produces seeds or it affects some other part of the garden do we decide that we need to take action. By this time the roots maybe deeper than we think and we have to completely re-cultivate that section.

Maybe I have been too cryptic, but can you recognise the garden as your heart and the seeds as words? The weeds may be powerful but the word of God has more potential than any other seed. Plant it and it will produce fruit in keeping with the gardeners intention.