Where is your trust?

I awake this morning to the nation being in a state of unrest. Ruffled feathers, confusion and uncertainty. For those who have put their trust in man and his strength today is either one of hope or disappointment, but for those who have put their trust in the most high they remind themselves that His kingdom is not one that cannot be shaken, one that will not be overthrown. I remind my self today that firstly I belong to and am an ambassador of the Kingdom of heaven, not the United Kingdom. Though I live in this land and I love my country, my king is the most high. I honour the establishment of which I am a part but Jesus is my ultimate security. He is my rock, He is my refuge, He is my high tower.

Though the enemy is the prince of the power of darkness we have weapons that are not of this world, we have weapons that have divine power to demolish strongholds.

I remind myself today that his kingdom is one that will not be shaken and will endure forever (Daniel 2:44).