When you catch a bus you have to be at this bus stop at the right time, too early and you can be frustrated at waiting around and the too late…well you know what that means.

There is a timing involved in our lives, I don’t understand it, though I certainly try. In Ecclessiates 3 it says that ther is timing for every activity under heaven an in Chronocles it talks about the Sons of Isachaar who knew the season they were in and knew what to do. We need to be more discerning to the times we are in and act accordingly.

In John 13, Jesus knew the hour that he was in, he knew he was about to go to the cross. We too have the mind of Christ and one of the things he wants to revealed to us is his perfect timing in the events of our life. We often think of prayer as answered or unanswered, but do we think about it as answered but not the right time? Maybe this is a more biblical way to look at the events and situations that we face and the ‘apparent’ unanswered prayers. I wholeheartedly believe that all prayer is answered, just not the way we think. Sometimes a revelation of Gods timing can give is grace and strength to wait until the appointed hour.

Father, thankyou that your timing is perfect. will you give me revelation of your timing in my life, I pray you give me grace to discern all that you are doing in Jesus name. Amen