The cost

It is in 1 Chronicles 21 that we can read about David and how he purchased the threshing floor from Araunah. Araunah wanted to give the land to David but David insisted on paying. Somehow he knew that his payment was also an honour to the Lord, he knew the value of sacrifice and so he paid 600 Shekels of gold for the site. He wasn’t going to sacrifice to the Lord that which cost him nothing. Our offerings to the Lord cost us. If there is no cost involved it is not an offering, it has to involve a cost of time or money and sometimes more.

When you look at the site of the threshing floor you will see that it was not the only time that it has been used for worship and sacrifice, previously, Abraham had been up on this mountain with Isaac, in later years Solomon would build the temple and later still our Lord would be hung on a cross on this very mountain.

Sacrifice and worship are important, and though we don’t need a specific place to worship, it is important that we find a place.