There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven, says the writer of Ecclessiates. There was a time when Jericho stood tall and proud, there was a time when it was brought low. There was a time when Saul walked in honour as the King and a time when he fell and became bitter. There was a time when Adam and Eve walked in the garden and there was a time when they did no more. There was a time when Jesus walked on the earth, and now He sits in heaven.

Times and seasons change, though we don’t always perceive it. There was a day when Jericho stood and then one day the walls came down. Who would have thought that the walls of a mighty city would fall to the ground?

There will come a day when your season and situation will change. But we live with an eye on the future, living in a place that is not now, hoping for something else and not fully present in the moment. It was the dead poets society that coined the phrase for me, carpe diem – seize the moment. So let us size the moment, entrusting our futures to Him who is able to change the time and the season. Every day has something to be thankful for, and there is grace for all things. But let us focus on that activity of today, and if today is the day of breakthrough then thank you Lord, and if it is not, I endure with grace fixing my eyes on the one who holds time and space in his hands.