Redeeming Christmas

The commercialism and the need to redeem the season to it’s origins is a fight for many a Christian, but I feel many of our fights are compromised by the spirit of the age. We allow ourselves  to go so far in our protest, but then the brakes are subtley pressed and a little compromise is mixed with a little turning of the eye and before we know it we have a greyed out version of the Christmas celebrations around us. 

It’s a bit harsh, sorry,  but I was trying to provoke a reaction as there is an element of truth in what I have said. We do want to redeem the season, we do want to celebrate the birth of Christ, we do recognise it as a time of feasting. But, a dumbed down version of how the world does it? We lack the contrast and brightness that is needed to stand out. There are some outstanding things happening and there are churches who are going the extra mile but my issue is with the wider expression of Christianity. I cheer on the forerunners, but I want to provoke everyone else.

It is an upsetting expression to some, but we need to think, what would Jesus do? He would do the radical thing… you are thinking, what is that? Well it might not be as bad as you think. 

My feeling is that in our redeeming Christmas there are things that each of us can do that wil effect our communities and send our signals beyond our sight, We don’t have to travel to the far side of the sea. There will be plenty of need around us. Our redeeming is in some ways simple, it is the doing what we saw the Lord doing. Not giving into the spirit of th age.