Lenten devotions

Today is Shrove Tuesday, traditionally a day of feasting and penitence before the 40 day fast of lent that leads up to Easter. Historically people would go to church to confess their sins and be ‘shriven’, forgiven of their sins, before lent. It is also known as “Pancake Day” as pancakes were a great way to use up eggs and fat before the fasting began.

Lent is still observed by the Anglican and the Catholic Church but not so much by charismatic congregations. I think there is a fear among the charismatics that if they start observing certain days outside of Christmas and Easter they will get ensnared in religiosity.

However, I am increasingly finding that some of the Christian calendar can be used to punctuate our walk with a period of increased devotion and focus onto Christ. So having said that, tomorrow I will begin a 40 day devotion in the lead up to Easter.

I hope they are a blessing to you.