To feel hopeless is hopeless, it is a spiral that feels like thee can be no return. In moments like this it is only the word of the Lord that can speak in and release freedom, and deliverance and ultimately hope.

It is good to be wise to the enemy schemes, not that we focus on him, but that we understand how he works. He will cause us to draw conclusions from situations around us. Conclusions such as, God doesn’t care, if God really loved me he wouldn’t have let this happen, God doesn’t answer your prayers and so on. Little doubts are fired at our hearts repeatedly like arrows. If we don’t protect ourselves the arrows will weaken our resolve and cause Our thinking and belief in God to be compromised. The enemy continues his work looking to weaken our belief and cause hope to fall. He knows that if he can get us to stop hoping and if he can plant disappointment and doubt in our hearts then we are powerless…but the Word of the Lord can cut through and it is his words planted in our hearts that release life and lift our heads from the mire to see a beautiful future.

If you feel that you have lost hope, ask the Lord to restore it, read the word until the seeds of promises take root in your heart. The truth is that you have a bright future, that there is hope, though you may not see it the Lord has great plans for you!