As you read the gospels I am always suprised how many times Jesus knew what people were thinking or knew what was in people’s hearts. I have chatted with many people about this and there has tended to be the answer, well that was Jesus.

That answer does not sit well with me. I know Jesus is fully God and fully man, but when he walked on earth he didn’t take advantage of his deity. He walked the earth as a man full of the Holy Spirit, without taking advantage of his deity in any way. So I therefore see the ‘knowing’ Jesus had of times and seasons, hours, thoughts and intentions of people’s hearts as a work of the Spirit, and therefore as something that the Lord can do through us.

The question is, can this be safe? Yes, but only if our hearts are healed and full of love for those around us. An unhealed damaged heart can become paranoid and suspicious, which is where people have balked at the this ‘knowing’ happening.

I see this knowing very much as a result of walking by the Spirit, of keeping in tune with the Spirit, of learning to listen to the Spirit. As we walk by the Spirit we will know his whispers about timing, we will sense the intentions in people’s hearts, we will recognise the season we are in.

Father, I pray you will give me greater discernment to know the season and the times I living in. Lead me Lord to know your prompting and guidance and to hear your whispers. In Jesus name amen.