Hold on

There are lots of things that we seek after in life. Maybe it’s a new house, new car, a husband or wife. Maybe your expectation is that I am about to condemn them – no, I have no desire to. These things in themselves are not wrong. I do however want to point out this passage in Song of Songs that I often go back to, which for me, puts everything else that I seek into perspective. We live in a fragile world, things break, they don’t last and we ourselves eventually pass away. In the midst of this there is one who if should seek, we need to hold on to, for He will not fail. And like Peter crying out on the boat in John 21, ‘it is the Lord’. Who or what else could we seek that we would need to hold onto? Our holding on is by His grace but it is an attitude of heart, and in each aspect of my life where I find Him I hold on, and by his grace I do. Today, if you find Him, hold on.

‘When I found the one my heart loves I held Him and would not let him go’ Song of Songs 3v4