Healed heart

I wholeheartedly (no pun intended ) agree with the healed heart message. I have seen the fruit and I have tasted of the release that it brings. However in the last year I have become increasingly uncomfortable with some conversations I have around the subject. My troubles have been to do with the emphasis that is placed on an individual. I know we are responsible for our sin, that our words can form vows that can bind us, that others people’s words form curses and where there is fruit in our lives there is a root. But the overwhelming emphasis has been on anything we face being the individuals problem. The question so often posed in response to something happening is,  what is wrong with your heart? What have you done? Where have you made a judgement? Again I realise that these things are all in the mix of our healing but we have lost something too. 

When I became a Christian I was far away from Christ. It was Christ who drew me close. He loved me first. He initiated the conversation, not me. 

I feel like we have put too much emphasis on our ability, responsibility to sanctify and set our hearts free. We have become the gatekeepers almost without any reference to the sovereignty of God. The trouble is, I do believe we are responsible, we are gatekeepers of our heart, but the emphasis has become too great. I want to see the balance adjusted back in favour of the sovereignty of God, but by no means abdicating from our responsibility to deal with our own stuff.

We even say, that God can’t move until we do. Hello? I didn’t become a Christian because of my effort, I responded to the Lords moving on my life. The Father in the story of the prodigal son was looking out for his son, he made the moves to sanctify him, not the son. So somewhere we need to rebalance our theology towards the overwhelming desire of the Father to sanctify us and give us back that which has been lost. Yes we need to renew our minds from ungodly beliefs. Yes we need to have vows broken off, yes we need word curses broken and yes yes yes we need to forgive. But let us not underestimate the power and desire of God to set us free. His desire that we are healed is greater than ours. Though I have responsibility, sometimes the teaching has pointed towards a God who cannot do anything unless we do, this is contrary to the message of salvation.