Grace in a time of need

The journey to the cross began the day Jesus was born, He was born to die. Maybe a bit of a dramatic start, but as we approach Easter my eyes are increasingly turned towards it’s events. I wonder how much the Lord knew of His journey in his early years? At which point was it clear that the cross was the way? As God, He would have had perfect knowledge, but in His limiting himself to walking as a man full of the Holy Spirit this knowledge would only come through revelation. Yet at whichever point it came He was unafraid, he was bold and courageous, he didn’t pass the cup to someone else. He knew His father.

And so, as we know the Father, we too can be courageous and bold to face our own proverbial and literal deaths. Whether a humbling circumstance, a confrontation, a conversation we know we need to have. There is grace, but it only comes through knowing our God, for in Him, because of the cross, there is grace for whatever we go through.