Falling down

You can’t go through life without falling down, the question is, will you get up? Will you stand again after a fall? I grew up, getting up. I would fall, I would get back up again. Sometimes slowly, but I always got back up. Every when you thought you heard the whispers of ‘stay down, stay down’, my bloody minded stubbornness and determination would make me get up, wounded and broken I would still get up, trying to learn each time, trying to not make the same mistake again, trying to live knowing that I am enough, that I cannot add anything to what God has given, that I am enough for him. He doesn’t need my works, he doesn’t need my offerings, his grace is sufficient. The works and the offerings come later, but they are never to add to the essential offering of myself. When getting back up is all you know you expect others and want others to do the same. You want to help them, you want them to get up too.

But what do you do when you cannot help someone get up, when everything you say doesn’t make a difference? When all the prayers you pray don’t change a thing. When all the heart healing, good practice and ministry falls lifelessly to the ground. What then? What if they won’t ever get up? Have you ever considered that? Maybe that is your ministry, to stand beside them whether they get up or not. To allow their brokenness to become yours, to associate yourself with those who are not ‘successful’, who ‘fail’, who don’t get up.

Maybe you feel that would hinder your walk, your going for the goal. But maybe your goal has been misguided, your good intentions are subtly performance oriented and you have wanted to be associated with the perceived successful. It is a deep deep lie. I need to redefine success. It might not be what the world sees as winning. But I need to define success as the Lord sees it. I think he will ask me when I get to heaven. Did you love well? Did you love the people I gave you to love? I don’t think he will ask me how many people I have prophesied over. I am proud that it might be thousands, but I think it is more important that I love. And that means living in the now. Living in the moment in all my relationships, associating with whoever the Lord would bring to me. Not seeing anyone as a project but each one as dearly loved by the lord. I find the words of Mother Teresa has been an inspiration to me, she said:

“I believe in person to person. Every person is Christ for me, and since there is only one Jesus, that person is the one person in the world at that moment. I see Christ in every person I touch, it is as simple as that.”

It helps me reset my perspective. It redefines my success.