EU Referendum

I was startled at the vote to leave the EU, and if I’m honest, a twinge of fear drifted across my screen when I heard the news. I quickly looked at Facebook account where there were many angry posts, all from my peers. They ranged from out and out abuse towards the ‘out’ voters to fear and scripture quotes about loving our neighbour. It was the quote about loving our neighbour that really got me, but not in ways you might imagine. It was the implication that if we loved our neighbour we should remain in the EU. I don’t see an exit of the EU as a statement of not loving our neighbour, it is a statement from the people of this nation wishing to regain independence from rules and regulations beyond our control.

We are a nation of fighters, maybe this is the wake up call we need? Leaving doesn’t mean we hate Europe, it just means we are renegotiating our relationship. People have described it as a marriage, but it isn’t a marriage, yes there were covenants, but these change over time. The U.K. has voted to leave so instead of complaining, let’s make this nation great again, let’s stand up and make a difference.