Another definition of faith

We are all familiar with the definition of faith in Hebrews 11:1, ‘Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see’. However, I came across another verse in Romans, I have read it many time but I had not previously thought of it as a definition of faith. It is Romans 4:12, where Paul, speaking of Abraham, says ‘ being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised’.

I read this verse and had one of those moments where I had to stop and re-read the verse again and again. Do you know what I mean? The moments where you know that the Lord is speaking to you. I have learnt that when a passage or verse comes alive that I need to stop there and see what the Lord wants to say to me through it. What struck me here is the assurance that Abraham had. There wasn’t any room for doubt or wavering, it is steadfast and immovable, this man was convinced. It got me to thinking, how many times can I say that I have had full assurance that God can do what he has promised? I have had a few, but not as many as I would like. Now, this again got me thinking, why is this so? Why don’t I always believe that God has power to do what he promises. For a moment I thought I need to try harder and rebuke those thoughts that get in the way. But I know that mere mental effort is not the issue. There is something else, and that makes me sad. For I really want to believe that God has the power to do what he has promised in all situation. As I think about his promises, I know that they are not lightly made, they are not like the promises of man that could change tomorrow. They are certain and strong, a rock that I can hold onto, a light in the dark. It’s funny, but as I write this I realise that I have actually believed more than I thought. I am more persuaded than I thought that God has power to do what he promises…and that makes me smile. It brings peace to my heart and a state of ease to my frame. And then for a moment I think, what else Lord do you want to do? What other promises do you have for me?

Take a moment and think about promises God has made to you either through his word or through him speaking to you. How persuaded are you that he is able to do what he promises? I know one of the arguments is, yes I know he is able to do what he promises but is he willing? I have been through this many times, knowing that God as all powerful and all knowing has power to do what he promises. But not fully convinced that he will do it for me. My answer was found in Psalm 23. As I read this psalm and meditated particularly on the first few verses I began to receive revelation on the care of the Lord, on his heart towards me and how much he wants to bless me. The question of whether the Lord is willing or not became irrelevant.

So, faith is, being fully persuaded that God has power to do what he promised.

Lord, I pray you will remind me of your promises! Lord, help my unbelief so I that can fully persuaded that you will do everything you say.