a vision of the cross

A number of years ago the Lord gave me a vision of the cross. Below is what he showed me.

The Cross

I came near the cross with some friends, I was talking with them confidently. I had on what looked like armour with feathers sticking out. As I looked around at others who were coming, some were dressed similarly. I was pointing at them and making comments to my friends, saying this was so and so – there was a real confidence and self assurance in my voice. It was bordering on arrogance and lacked humility. As I came near to the cross I saw a perimeter fence, just a rope. There were many who stood around the edge, the rope was like the rope that is around Stonehenge. As people approached the edge they stopped – still dressed in their feathers. Occasionaly someone would come who had bigger feathers and everyone would stop and look at him. He would dutifully kneel down and the men would honour him.

I saw there was a gateway, but not many were going through. I went to the gate and went to walk through. Just as a I stepped in a man stood there and said you must take off your armour to come close. I hesitated because there was a security in myself that I got from the armour. I stood for what seemed like seconds and years at the same time, and then began to take off the armour. As I did it I could see that where I had been wearing the armour, it had been chafing and there were sores on my side. The man reached out and touched them gently and then pointed to the cross. There was such a gentleness and kindness in his face. He said as he pointed, He can heal, but you must go near. As I looked forward I saw ( for the first time, I had not seen them before) men kneeling and bowing down. They were strong bronzed men, strong through work. they all had scars on their torsos and on their arms. They were not interested in my coming near, though I was worried and anxious about being let in. As they saw me they loved me like a brother, like Joseph to Benjamin. I bowed down for what seemed like forever, I cried and cried and cried. Let me never leave this place, why did I not come sooner (the presence was overwhelming). I looked down and saw that my side was being healed, and then it was completely better – just a mark so I knew where it had been. I began to think back to when I had been satisfied with worshipping at a distance. Why had I taken so long to come? I now saw that it had been years and I cried but the Lord silenced me. I restore the years that the locust has eaten, I restore. as I looked out I called to those on the perimeter, but the lord said, they cannot hear you for they are blind and deaf, didn’t you say that you could not see those at the cross until you came? You must go and take their hand. I saw that some had bodyguards, they were dressed similarly but they did not have so many feathers. I judged them as not being devoted to the Lord. I immediately felt a rebuke from the Lord.These have been devoted to me and they lead many to me. I went to go forwards and I could see that I had some armour on me again. My judgement had put it there, it had hardened with me. I asked the Lord to take it off again, he said that someone must remove it. As I walked away from the cross to the perimeter fence I didn’t want to go. I turned and walked backwards always looking at it.

I asked the question, how can I go out from here yet live I am still here. A man came and gave me a book. He said, keep it with you for it holds the truth, when you feel like you are falling away, look inside and read it and you will come back to the truth.