Falling down

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You can’t go through life without falling down, the question is, will you get up? Will you stand again after a fall? I grew up, getting up. I would fall, I would get back up again. Sometimes slowly, but I always got back up. Every when you thought you heard the whispers of ‘stay down, stay down’, my bloody minded stubbornness and determination would make me get up, wounded and broken I would still get up, trying to learn each time, trying to not make the same mistake again, trying to live knowing that I am enough, that I cannot add anything to what God has given, that I am enough for him. He doesn’t need my works, he doesn’t need my offerings, his grace is sufficient. The works and the offerings come later, but they are never to add to the essential offering of myself. When getting back up is all you know you expect others and want others to do the same. You want to help them, you want them to get up too.

But what do you do when you cannot help someone get up, when everything you say doesn’t make a difference? When all the prayers … Read More »

Last Man Standing

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Sometimes the one who wins is the one who manages to stand the longest. This is often how I feel when under pressure of the enemy. If I can stand and keep standing then I can win. Doesn’t it say resist the devil and he will flee from you? If I can stand despite the pressure of the enemy then I can overcome. I have learnt that the pressure of the enemy can come for a few days before it lifts, it is in those moments that my perspective can be skewed; It is a dangerous time to make decisions as there is a temptation to be irrational or hasty. I am better off waiting until the pressure has lifted, not drawing conclusions from things that have been said, being careful to hold my tongue. When you write it down it all seems so easy! In the middle of it all it can sometimes feel like your world is falling apart.

I have to remind myself that to win I need to stand. That is all. Sometimes there will be a moving forwards, but to overcome I just need to keep standing. I have found during these times of pressure … Read More »