The sovereign and intentional balance

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We know that God is sovereign, and by that we think that he will intervene in our lives and move and make things happen that need to happen. Our response to this is that we sit back and wait, and wait and wait. We wait for God to move. But, I believe, He is often waiting for us to move. Yes, absolutely He is Sovereign, but there is a dynamic of responsibility and intentionality that we have lost. The picture comes to mind of a man sitting in his sitting room praying for a new car. God hears his prayer and answers, by sending a car to the local showroom that is just what he prayed for and at just the right price. The man praying waits and waits, the new car doesn’t come. The car in the show room gets sold. The man is disappointed that he hasn’t received a car. “God you are sovereign, I felt that you had answered the prayer, but where is the car? ”

God had moved, but it needed the man to be international to receive what God had for him. I have prophesied over hundreds and hundreds of people. If I sat and … Read More »

Reality TV

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In the last decade there has been an explosion of reality TV shows, Big Brother, Towie, I’m a celebrity, Made in Chelsea, Gogglebox….and the list goes on.

We have a strange addictive fascination with them, interested in their lives, intrigued to see what is happening…have you ever thought that’s kind of like heaven? There is crowd of witnesses that are watching our every move, not in a creepy voyeuristic manner but watching our decisions, our actions and the drama of our daily lives. On the edge of their seats watching you and I in those difficult situations, what’s he going to do? Is he going to choose to be kind? Will he react? The crowd of witnesses reflect the heart of the Father in their longing that we would be like Jesus. Cheering us on, enthralled by each episode, wondering what we are going to do next. Longing that we would make decisions and choices that reflect the heart of the Father, choices based on the word, stepping out in faith, believing for the best, not living under fear…when we make those kind of decisions we show ourselves to be mature and true sons and daughters of the most high.

I … Read More »