Monthly archive for December 2015


I love the message on forgiveness because it brings so much freedom. I’m aware of the release that it produced in my own life and I can see the freedom in others too. However, I noticed recently a disparity between our confession and our actions. We confess, we release, we forgive, we move on. The counsel often given in our moving on is words to the effect of ‘now you have released these people you don’t have to be friends with them, you don’t have to give them space in your life again’ – there are examples where this can

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Redeeming Christmas

The commercialism and the need to redeem the season to it’s origins is a fight for many a Christian, but I feel many of our fights are compromised by the spirit of the age. We allow ourselves  to go so far in our protest, but then the brakes are subtley pressed and a little compromise is mixed with a little turning of the eye and before we know it we have a greyed out version of the Christmas celebrations around us.  It’s a bit harsh, sorry,  but I was trying to provoke a reaction as there is an element of

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Healed heart

I wholeheartedly (no pun intended ) agree with the healed heart message. I have seen the fruit and I have tasted of the release that it brings. However in the last year I have become increasingly uncomfortable with some conversations I have around the subject. My troubles have been to do with the emphasis that is placed on an individual. I know we are responsible for our sin, that our words can form vows that can bind us, that others people’s words form curses and where there is fruit in our lives there is a root. But the overwhelming emphasis

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