You did it to me

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‘You did it to me’
You may have heard these words, they are the words from the Gospel of Matthew and they were used frequently by Mother Teresa during her life, the full passage is at the bottom of this post.

When I first heard the words I was troubled, good troubled, and a troubling that I welcomed. The words arrested my heart and fueled my daily ‘living’. My eyes were opened in revelation to see that ministry was far wider than I had imagined and that our planned meetings were just the tip of the iceberg, almost a formality. There is nothing wrong with the planned meetings, they are necessary but it is not often a context in which believers can minister. The house church movement and the free churches have tried hard to break the walls between clergy and laity, and to a degree that has happened, but I fear we have to an extent just invented a new liturgy.

The outworking of our Christian lives is not on a Sunday morning but in living a life of light in a world of darkness, holding on to these words ‘You did it to me’ through everything we do. This is … Read More »