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The conscience is a strange thing, the dictionary definition is: A person’s moral sense of right and wrong, viewed as acting as a guide to one’s behaviour: Throughout history man has tried to clean his conscience, absolve himself from guilt and shame. But with little effect. In the book of Hebrews it talks about the Old Testament sacrifices saying that they were offered year after year, and they still felt guilt and shame. They didn’t do the job, yet there was a yearning among the people to have their conscience cleansed, their moral compass was telling them that something was

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Throwing stones

For whatever reason, this memory came back to me today. I must have been 9 years old at the time. It was a beautiful summers evening, the kind of evening you dream about. My elder brother and I were friends with our neighbours, three boys of similar ages. This particular evening they also had their cousins over. We used to play in the fields together and ride our motorbikes. This particular evening we couldn’t decide what to do, maybe it was because there cousins were over too. We eventually decided to have a stone fight. It’s the kind of thing

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