Jesus and Legion

Posted on October 19th, by admin in thinking. Comments Off on Jesus and Legion

Do you ever stop to think about the sights and the sounds of the stories in the bible?

I have recently been thinking about legion (you can find the story in Mark 5:1-18 and Luke 8:27:33). Think about what this would have looked like (maybe not too hard as the man didn’t have any clothes on) but think about how this would have felt for jesus and the disciples as they came into contact with the man. The boat had just landed and they got out, the air would was filled with the acrid smell of pig manure and the sound of pigs snorting, squealing and foraging for food. Amidst this a man approaches them with nothing on, not the average thing you see on Shaftesbury high street, or any high street to that matter.

Their senses were shocked with the intensity of what they saw and smelt. They later learn that this man had been kept under guard, chained hand and foot but the strength of the demons in the man meant he was able to break the chains. Probably just as well they didn’t know that at the time, and I don’t imagine the demoniac gave them a history lesson … Read More »