Friday’s thoughts

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I go to the coffee shop as I don’t like my office. I like the feeling of freedom of being outside of constraints, watching the people. The lady at the counter, who is upset with the bus driver. She has more words per second than a Gatling gun. She has a ring on her finger with a ‘stone’ (I doubt it is a stone – and yes I made a judgement) at least 4cm across. If it were real, you and a small African nation would never have to work again. But it’s not real. Then there is the man with his 2 year old son having breakfast. You wonder why he is here on his own. Does he have a wife? Obviously there was a woman involved at some point but is he now alone? He doesn’t look like he has suffered grief. He seems to be pleasant and in my estimation he is giving his partner a break and being kind by taking their son out. He gets up to get some sugar and I notice that he has some really nice boots on. They have a big heel, but even so he is quite short. Shorter … Read More »