Consumer church

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We are more influenced by our culture than we think.
Subtle changes.
Small erosions in the landscape. And like a meandering river cuts it’s way through the valley and discards those bits that are superfluous so our culture discards those bits that are not relevant. Over time you notice the landscape change and wonder how it got there.

We are in a consumer culture. From the onset of Sunday trading to the 24hour stores. I remember as a child having to drive to a local petrol station to buy milk on a Sunday, the station owner had a small shop on the premises but he was viewed dimly by the local community for being open on Sunday, you now wouldn’t think twice and you would expect a shop to be open on Sunday.

The internet has grown in the last 15 years into a a stable and acceptable shopping destination. Now the choice is infinite, you choose. You find the right price from the right place. Everyone competing against each other to offer the right price and present what they have in the right way. Marketing is massive and if you don’t market your products you will be shutting up shop. The … Read More »

Beating the air

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When it seems like the fight is frantic and you are beating the air, you are left worn out and tired, still aware of the voices laughing, taunting you. Oh God help me to walk by faith and to see what you are doing. Teach me to fight as you desire, to know that my battle is not against flesh and blood, that my battle is not about beating the wind, thrashing the air and ending up drained and exhausted. Lord show me your strategy to defeat the enemy and see victory so my pummelling of the air is not without purpose.

This is sometimes how it seems to be when you are in the place of intercession, where the enemy could be your closest friend but you know that your battle is not against flesh and blood.

Continually I have to remind myself that there is an enemy, he is real, but there is a one who is greater. There is one who has beaten death and won the battle and whose side I am on. I remind myself that sometimes to win is merely to stand. The last man standing wins.

He intercedes

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Who also intercedes for us. (Romans 8:34 NASB)

After such great truths about our victory and the surety of our salvation it seems to be such a throw away statement, ‘who also intercedes for us’. Yet his intercession is a great assurance to my heart. Romans 8 has such heights and depths of truth yet it would not be complete without this phrase. The Lord saw it fit that this phrase should be here, perfectly complimenting all the others. The chapter has so far talked about our freedom in Christ and walking by the Spirit, our adoption as sons and the cry that an adopted heart makes, the Spirit interceding, Gods great plan and the value of Christ’s suffering and what that means, leading us into the following two verses.

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things? (Romans 8:31, 32 NASB)

This is the background to the phrase in question, a rich journey of truth but incomplete without the knowledge of Christ’s intercession. The passage … Read More »

The Mirror

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I don’t normally do this but I loved the story so much it has it’s own post.

The Mirror

By Brian Lesnik

In a small city in Europe many years ago, lived a simple storekeeper named Moshe. Moshe was a kind man. He was interested in being a good person and helping people. Moshe had a very small store. There was little merchandise in his store so very few people actually came to purchase from him. Moshe spent his time sitting at the doorway waiting for a customer saying his psalms.

Moshe had a kind heart. When people had problems, they knew that they could turn to Moshe for help. Many poor people would come to Moshe’s store because they did not have money necessary to purchase goods at the bigger stores, they knew that Moshe would give them credit and a kind word. Moshe would always speak to these poor people and cheer them up. Many times he would invite them to his home for a meal. In fact many people knew that the address for poor travelers was Moshe’s house.

Moshe’s house was a simple house. Nothing fancy, a simple wooden floor, a few chairs to sit on, and an old wobbly table … Read More »

Persistent rejection

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I know one who has constantly given themselves as a friend, given their kindness, been generous and extravagant in all friendships, whether they were deemed as ‘in’ or not. I know one who is thoughtful and pragmatic and is not afraid to say those things that others are afraid to say for there is a bigger picture at hand. But such qualities are not always admired. Among some they are seen as a threat, they expose their insecurities. The only solution is to reject, and when ones own rejection is not sufficient others are gathered to bolster opinion. The result is one who is ostracised, and in their plane thinking cannot understand why. When you try and reconcile the actions with the Christian message it is near to impossible for the actions are the antithesis of the heart of God. Clearly we all have things in our heart that the Lord would put his finger on but to consistently and deliberately reject effects even the strongest of hearts.

Like the wind that blows harder and harder until eventually the tree bows down and says I can stand it no longer. Where were the oaks to shelter and protect? Where were the … Read More »