Monthly archive for November 2013

A place of refuge

Daily I have to set my mind and my spirit on a deliberate course, to go to the place of being hidden in him. I know we should stay there but at times like these I am checking where I am, I know the course of life can cause me to not live in that place no matter how great my intentions are. But my desire is to maintain that place of being hidden in Christ. For some you will say we are already there and we appropriate it by faith, yes I agree, as it says in Colossians 3:2-3

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Hardness of heart

Excluded from the life of God….because of the hardness of their heart; (Ephesians 4:18 NASB) I find this shocking. The hardness of a mans heart can exclude him from the light of God’s truth. Though there is revelation all around of the glory of God, man thought it good to harden his heart and choose other things to worship. Whether it is football, or academia or drugs or sex, man has found a degree of satisfaction in giving himself to these things. It will only ever be a degree, for true fulfilment comes only when we come home to the

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