Kansas city

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On spending time at IHOP Kansas City and thought about the history of the place I realise that the prophetic foundation and the company of prophets that were established in the 80’s and later disbanded has not changed. There has been a metamorphous, but its essence has not changed. The charge of Mike Bickle in watching over the prophetic still stands. The house is still a prophetic house, there are just many, many more people here. It is a birthing place for prophets and prophetic messengers, an incubator for the things of heaven. Yet only one word of caution comes to mind, for not everyone has been called particularly as a forerunner. We are all called on a general level but specifically that is a birthing of the Holy Spirit and I feel for those who may squeeze themselves into that box. I do trust the Holy Spirit brings here those who he has called and chosen for such things.

I love the atmosphere and the focus of Jesus in the meetings, that He is the one who is exalted. He is their magnificent obsession, He is the one who they fix their eyes upon.

The light of my salvation

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The lord is my light and my salvation – of whom shall I fear. Darkness brings out fear, it is hiddenness. When it is dark we cannot see what is in front or behind and we are cautious. My children hold on tight to my hand when it is dark, you can feel a bit of fear within them. Even though I tell them, as my dad did, there is nothing to be afraid of. Yet we have so much fear, and I can only associate that fear with darkness. For in the light of Jesus there is no fear. His love then must be light, shining into darkness an illuminating that which cannot be seen. For true love confronts that which we see, true loves exposes in a way that brings healing, not for the sake of humiliation. He is my light, and my salvation. He is the one who drives out fear and saves my soul. Because he has saved me, there can be nothing else, by reason, that he will not save me from.

Living by the Spirit

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We are called to live by the Spirit of God, the enemy will try and make us live by the flesh. Our battle is to stay in the Spirit.