Love that surpasses knowledge

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Our lives and decisions are based on knowledge and intuition, even intuition is a type of knowledge, it is a knowing inside. But there is something that surpasses knowledge, and yet we can know it. Biblical knowing is experiential, it is not an academic thing. My desire is to know and to experience the love that surpasses knowledge. To be like David who was the man of one thing, who knew what it was to gaze on the beauty of the Lord. He was so captured by the glory and the presence of the Lord that he set up worship 24/7 before the Ark, the very symbol of Gods presence. No wonder he was known as a man after a Gods own heart, he had caught something, and infection that he could not shake, he was infected with the love of God, beyond knowledge, motivating and creative. The energy of heaven, the passion of Jesus, this is the love that surpasses knowledge. This is the love I want to know.

Doing what is right

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And everyone did what was right in their own eyes. It was the end of an era, the period of the judges had finished and the people were without a leader, the standard by which they measured their actions was their own eyes, their own heart their own desires. Which is fine as long as the eyes and the mind are redeemed. But From my own experience I constantly have to be drawn back to the standard that God sets, not in a legalistic way, but knowing His plumb line is the constant, not the world, not even the people around me.

The journey

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Follow me and I will make you….fishers of men, and however that is worked out in your life, the fishing of men will take many guises with each person, but in each of us our lives are to fish for men, are lives are to overflow with love, with God, that we influence those around us. We are to overflow with presence. But it all stats with the following, and then the trusting that he will make us into who we are meant to be. Somewhere in the middle of this we decide we know better and take a hold of the map. The road is bumpy and doesn’t go through the pleasant countryside that we think it should, we turn off the road in the search for ‘right path’ and the sense of direction is lost and the influence of the world and other voices clamour around. If only I would trust the one who promised, trust in me. Follow me and I will make you. But I cry out, the road is hard, I want the smooth road. Yet as I look at others journey I can see the lord working and through the hard times he … Read More »

Follow me…

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Follow me and I will make you, the words of Jesus.

But we don’t believe the words.

Or is it we don’t trust the one who made the promise? Or we dont trust fully and we hedge our bets, a bit of trust jn the Lord and a bit of our own effort. From one aspect that is quite biblical in that we are co-workers with God, but even as co-workers we are required to trust in God.

Why don’t we trust him to ‘make us’? We try and make it ourselves and we think that we know best. But if we just to reach out, and place our eggs all in one basket, and trust in him, he would make us. Maybe that making is not what we would imagine, but whatever differences there are between the lords making and our own efforts, the lords plan will be ultimately more glorious and fulfilling. It is a question of trust, but we find it so hard to follow.

Where is the Lord going? Follow him, what is it he is doing? Follow him. He will make you as you follow Himyou. You will find that which your heart really desires … Read More »

One thing I ask..

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What is the one thing you would ask for? A new computer, a new car? New house, help in your marriage, new job, God to save lots of people? Healing in the church? They are all great things and nothing wrong with praying for them. The only thing we need to ask is, are those prayers our one thing? Ae they that which consume us? Strangely the things of church can become idolatrous and yet they were never meant to be. The safeguard is to look and say, where are they in the order of my prayer life, in the desires of my heart what is the overwhelming thing that cries out. We have legitimate desires, desires that I believe God places within us. But when their clamour becomes too loud it becomes shade to that which should take preeminence. You will probably no where this is going, and good! David, was a man of one thing. One thing do I desire, this is what I seek, that I may dwell in the house of the lord all the days of my life and to gaze upon his beauty and to seek him in his temple. David knew of the … Read More »