Seeking after God

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Blessed are those who keep your statutes and seek after him with all their heart (psalm 119:2)

It offends our senses but the Lord isn’t available to casual seekers. Though if we call and ask him into our hearts he is there, there is a place of seeking him that we can all go to, but it is for the ‘serious’ seeker. There is an elusiveness to God, there is a pursuit to be had. Though he may be found, there is a running and a pressing into him that is not available to the casual seeker. The road is marked with the enemy, who, in every step of the way will lead you into legalism, getting you to thin that you can earn something by your hard work. The motivation of our hearts is very important, we can be pressing in hard to the Lord out of a heart to seek relationship, knowing that any works done do not add to our salvation or add any merit, or we can be pressing in, secretly thinking that the works I am doing, the seeking of his face adds merit to my position. There is a strange paradox, knowing that he rewards … Read More »

The thoughts of your heart revealed

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When Simeon is in the temple and Jesus is presented to Him, he prophesies to them that this child will cause the rising and falling of many in Israel, to be a a sign that will be spoken against so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. Such was the impact of what Jesus would do that it would provoke a reaction that people would verbalise. The response in their hearts would not be able to be contained, what they felt would overflow – self condemning.

We see it today, the ministry of Jesus causes deep reactions in people. They are either for Him or against Him. Which ever direction they are facing there seems to be an involuntary reaction to speaking out that which is in their hearts.

Two different faces

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Have you ever come across people who are like chameleons – they change depending on the situation they are in. Ultra friendly in a moment and then cold and harsh in another. Spiritual schizophrenia – rooted in insecurity in who you are in Christ. Who am I in Christ? Is he the rock that I cling too? Or am I thrown around by the waves, by the winds of this age?

In each situation I want to be consistent with who he has made me. When I encounter the spiritual duplicity my spirit reacts and I look around to see if anyone else can see it – the struggle with the prophetic and the ability to discern is that not everyone else can see it, and you are labelled as a trouble maker, someone who sees problems. When that is not your intention it can be hard, but the test is to not be spiritually double minded yourself, but to remain true to what you believe. The test is maybe to not speak but to pray.


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The situations of our life can create tension, without tension nothing can move. Think about the muscles in your arm, as you stretch out and pick up something, the muscles are tensioned. There is no movement without tension. With a bow and arrow, you draw back the bow and create tension before the arrow is fired. The trials and situations you face create tension, the tension in turn creates movement. To go anywhere in God you need tension, we can run with the tension and let momentum set it. Tension creates movement, as we co-work with the movement there is momentum, if we are wise we can keep this momentum going through seeking after God, through spiritual disciplines. We can shortcut the momentum by dragging our feet, by complaining and not cooperating with the Holy Spirit. The prophetic word keeps is pointing in the right direction, it keeps momentum going, it kick starts momentum either through an impartation or in response to the word our situation changes to create tension and then movement and momentum – have you ever noticed that after that anointed meeting, things suddenly got difficult? Tension arose, you realised that you were not all that you … Read More »

Extravagance of heaven…

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The extravagance of heaven and the extravagance of man…..not necessarily the same thing! We want the lord to be extravagant but we want him to be extravagant in the way that man is – possessions, things, new car, house – and though we are made in his likeness and are his image and he does provide for us with these things it is from a different paradigm. the extravagance of heaven is that he gave his son, that we might be become children of god, he gave his son that we might become part of his family, joint heirs – as it says in John, how great is this love that he has lavished on us that we should be called children of God – and that is what we are. We are his children, we are heirs, and all because of the extravagance of heaven, all because of heavens initiative and desire and wanting for me, for you.

In his kindness, he provides us with all things for our enjoyment, but sometimes we don’t see past these things to the one who is extravagant. Who richly blesses us with all things. His extravagance humbles our hearts as through it … Read More »