Compelled to preach

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I feel it daily, a compulsion to preach. Yet like a damned river there is nowhere for the flow to go. An damned river will find an overflow through necessity, so I feel a need to overflow. The natural place for the flow has been blocked, yet I need an overflow, for I feel the compulsion. Like Jeremiah said, his word is like a fire in my bones, I am weary of holding it in, indeed I cannot….yet I am blind to the place where it should go and I fear that the river will stagnate and cause irreparable damage. The lord has spoken – who can but prophesy. When the lord has put a word in you, particularly when it is of a prophetic nature, you cannot hold it in. The word of the lord will accomplish the task for which it is set, it will make you weary if you restrain yourself and hold it back. It will find it’s way out.

There are giftings that the Lord has given us, that we cannot help but use. They will seem like the dispensation through which we operate. It may be administration, it may be leadership, it might be service. … Read More »

Don’t be afraid; just believe

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The matter was one of life and death. The fear of death cripples so many. Fear cripples so many. But this was a matter of life and death, he was afraid as it was his only daughter and he loved her very much. He was afraid that this was the end, but the glimmer of hope, like the glowing wick of a candle that has been blown out was there. There was a flicekr of hope in Jairus’ heart, but he was afraid. Jesus, does not console him. He is very direct. we may think the directness of his words lacks compassion but there is no reason why you cant have compassion and be direct. Jesus said it as it was. Sometimes we try and fill the air with words to help the situation but there is no need. If we dont have any words then we don’t need to apologise, yet if we do we need to be straight….and Jesus was.

Just believe. Two words, taken out of context you could think that this was an easy thing, but in context and the general understanding that dead is dead – just beieve seems like a mountain. But when you … Read More »

The power of the Lord was present

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So, what does it look like when the power of the Lord is present? There are no flags raised high, no bells being sounded, no special herald who comes with trumpet and fanfare. But the power of the Lord was present. Did Luke know this by his own observation, he probably wasn’t there. Or was it by the observation of the others in their retelling of the story? Maybe they said retrospectively (be as use so many got healed) that the power of the Lord was present. I don’t think so. Certainly not in a retrospective way. The power of the Lord was present to heal the sick – so they prayed for the sick and they got well. Incidentally from the story in Luke there is only one person ( the paralytic) who got healed. Whatever the numbers, and from whoever Luke received the story, inspiration, witness of disciples or from Mary – the power of the Lord was present and they responded appropriately to what he wanted to do.

When He comes He has a purpose. He wants to achieve something, and when He comes in power he wants to move something’s in the natural. I remember a … Read More »