Clinging to the rock

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Fighting fires

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Have You ever felt like you are constantly fighting fires?
As soon as you finish one there is another demanding your
attention, and if you pause to look around you can see that there
are many fires to be fought. Fighting fires leads to anxiety and a
sense of never progressing, a sense of treading water never
actually moving forwards, just maintaining. This maintenance mode
is a dangerous place to be. Staying there may make you excellent at
fighting the fires, maintaining the the current situation, spinning
the plates but anxiety sets inn and you become frantic – what about
this or that or the other. I have heard it said many times but I
cannot remember the quote exactly, it is to do with the important
and the urgent. The urgent demands our time while that which is
important is left to the side. The urgent like the clamouring
cuckoo baby gets our attention while the important stays to the
side, waiting patiently for the opportunity. The important has a
lifetime and if we are not careful we will miss the window of
opportunity – as someone said, when the opportunity of a lifetime
presents itself you have to move in the life time of the
opportunity. But the the fires clamour, the plates start to rock
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How lovely is your dwelling place

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Can you say with the. Psalmist, how lovely is your dwelling place, oh lord almighty.This is a place he wants us to go, this is a place he wants us to find, to experience, to look for the paths that will take us there, to listen to the wisdom of those who have created well worn paths and push into him. There is a way that will take you into the presence of the most high. You will know if you have found it for the joy will overflow in your heart. You may be struggling in your heart saying – how can i get there, but to be even saying that, is a sure sign that you are on the way. For it is desire that starts you on the journey. Let your heart wander into longing for Him, let your heart lead you, quieten the voices of the world around and still yourself. Quieten your heart and let him lead you.

In the song of Solomon, the maiden asks where her lover grazes her flocks, she is told by her friends to follow the path of the sheep and you will find him that your heart may sing with … Read More »

The chosen prognosis

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Chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father.

The Saints that Peter is addressing have been scattered into various regions and he goes onto say that they are chose according to the foreknowledge of God the Father. Now to be chosen is to be picked out, to be selected and it is pre-arranged, for that is foreknowlede (the Greek word for foreknowledge is prognosis from which we get the word- prognosis!). We have been selected before the world began, we have been chosen. It seems so much to get our heads around, and in fact I don’t think we will fully understand how gods chooses us, how he has foreknowledge .

Aliens have landed

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As Peter introduces his letter, he addresses it to those who reside as aliens. In some translations it says strangers. An alien is a foreigner: a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country. And so we owe no allegiance to the nations that we are in for we are part of a heavenly nation, we are part of a city that is from above. In part of the Greek for alien it says we are sojourning in a strange place. That is, we are temporary residents, this is not our home. Yet in our lives we certainly seem to live as those who are pretty comfy, we have become camouflaged without the environment around us. So much so that it is difficult to recognise those who are of the heavenly kingdom and those who are of the earth.

I have had moments, and they do increase, where I have been walking through shopping centres, high streets and large stores and thought that I do not belong. For we do not belong, our citizenship is in heaven. As we think this way we will be transformed, changed, as this truth effects our … Read More »

Take away the stone

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Take away the stone…so they took away the stone
How sensitive are you to bad smells? I personally am not over keen but travel to Africa has certainly enlarged by idea of how bad smells can get. But no smell i have come across is close to the smell of a body that has been decomposing for four days. They say that because of the preservatives that are in our food, if we were to die the preservatives would keep us for a lot longer than we would previously. In jesus’ day there were no preservatives (apart from salt, and they had not salted Lazarus’ body). The body would have smelt. Now i have never smelt a decomposing human body but I have smelt a decomposing badger – which is enough to make you wretch, the smell stains your nostrils. The anticipation of Mary and Martha would be that the body was going to smell. Yet… they took away the stone, because he said. The natural mind would be that he is dead, he will smell. But they had seen the ministry that Jesus had. They had spent much time with Him and learnt to do the things that he asked. … Read More »