Monthly archive for May 2010

Acts 2 & 3

I have been thinking about what happened when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and just from a casual reading you can see that the coming of the Holy Spirit causes a reaction – there are various adjectives describing people when they come into contact with the manifest power of God. The people were perplexed 2:12, amazed, 2:12, cut to the heart 2:37, filed with wonder and amazement 3:10, astonished 3:11. All of the emotions are quite dramatic – and that is what happens when God comes. I remember working with a couple of guys – one who was nonchalant

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I know that in the church stream that I am involved in we tend to not look at the traditional church calendar and it is only because of our involvement with ‘church’s together’ that I am aware of the upcoming Pentecost Sunday. I have also been focusing my reading on acts, particularly the first few chapters. From reading them I cannot help but long for another Pentecost and I always hope that on Pentecost Sunday maybe God would break out again – not that I think that he is restricted to a day of the year when he can move

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